Ideas, suggestions and what they mean…

Once again, since no forum is available to me (yet), I’m creating this thread for the collection of your ideas and thoughts regarding the Open Source Wireless DSLR Follow Focus.

Since some very interesting directions were raised in different comments, I think it is better to dedicate this post for the goal of discussing them and their hardware and code implications.

Once we’ll decide on a direction, I’ll try and use my free time to write the new code and figure out ,with your help, the different hardware possibilities.

How’s that sound?

Let your ideas start flowing - start commenting!


Wireless Follow Focus Schematics Pt 2

And here’s the camera part, integrating TC’s voltage regulation clever thinking :-)

Thanks TC. 

Again, if I I’ve made some errors due to speed, please let me know ASAP so I’ll fix it.

EDIT: 2 notes

1. pay attention that the wiring for the LD33v is different from most other regulators.

2. Since coloring schemes may vary on different stepper motors, make sure you check the two coils and wire them correctly. (thanks Daniel)

Donation button? Really?

Ok, since I’ve received a few queries about the possibility of donating to this project, and although I felt a bit uncomfortable putting up a donation link, I finally added it to my blog. You can find it on the right.

What’s it for?

1. The completion of the first fully designed and 3d printed wireless follow focus V3. Since I have to test the enclosure designs, which means printing (using high quality 3D printing services abroad) and refining, the procedure is getting to be a bit pricey. The same applies to the printed circuits I’m designing for the Follow Focus. Up until now this meant waiting and saving some funds for the next printing. Donating means this could go a bit faster, thus enabling me to complete the project faster and spreading it around to the users and community. 

2. A simple thank you. If you like this project, learned something from it, or (hopefully) are using it, it would be a nice and very much appreciated gesture.



Discussion time :)

Since the traffic and discussion have become long and threaded, and I do not have a forum (…) I’m creating this new post simply to continue the lively discussion in a new and easy thread to read…

Tc, Daniel, flexirig and all other who wish to join the talk - welcome!

Wiring 101

Hey there.

As can be seen on the comment section, I’ve been asked to give a short explanation regarding the wiring. I’d like to do that by highlighting the code lines defining the connections, since I believe this to be a better teaching method. This will allow the novice user to later re-define the wiring according to his/her special needs, simply by changing the relevant code lines.


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Final Moteino code

Yep. It’s done. It’s working. 

Lens calibration, A->B focal points, wireless control and variable speed.

The receiver code is here, the sending is here.

Your’e welcome to build your own and tell me how it’s going!

You’re also welcome to tell me you’d like me to build you one for an affordable fee, ‘cause I’d really like to be able to manufacture this project from top to bottom and sell it. If I see demand, I’m jumping in…


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